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Polo Courts
  • Mansfield Park
    Dowanhill Primary
    Craigiehall Place
    Millenium Park

    Thinking the Transport museum isn't ideal after our play session on Thursday - Downhill Primary is a good size (I think) needs a way to cordon off a couple of areas but it does come with it's own cones and is completely enclosed by walls.
  • awesome, millenium park is at the end of my street. i reckon if it was there i could get a couple guys and me along to play fairly regularly, not played polo before tho :S
  • Millennium park might not be the best one (astroturf and quite narrow) but we have yet to try it - don't worry about having played before our first game was last Thursday and it was more fannying about than anything - it's just for fun!

    If I am making it from battlefield you can make it from Woodlands! :P
  • Bishy
    Top left on this map there is a caged off court (I think the image was taken before it was built), I know it's not near the city centre, it's quite small and is usually in use but it is an option.
  • [quote]
    Millennium park might not be the best one (astroturf and quite narrow) but we have yet to try it - don't worry about having played before our first game was last Thursday and it was more fannying about than anything - it's just for fun!

    If I am making it from battlefield you can make it from Woodlands! :P

    Yeah, I was thinking it was quite small.

    I'll keep an eye out on here and make it along to play some time. Had a swatch of folk playing it on youtube, looks like a good bit of fun.
  • I'm up for trying millenium park but true we still have to play and see how it goes..maybe tuesday we can go check it out or thursday. and the primary wasn't so bad either and the last 'game' was quite fun actually.
  • I checked out Millenium Park last night looks like it could be fun it's long and narrow but 3 on 3 could work out. The bad thing is that there is a small gap around the bottom of the fence about 7" in height so the ball would be flying out constantly. Unless someone has a load of mesh or chicken wire. It also has some weird rubber bottom, is that what 'astro-turf' is ? Anyways I think we should keep looking..
  • Ok. So here it is.. The Hidden Gem !

    Well actually it was behind my flat the whole time, but it's hidden well so I have never seen it. On the other side of the red building there are actually tennis courts still in use but it's grass turf. I'll be contacting the guy in charge ( those courts are always dead, btw. ) and ask him if we could use it, if we clean it up and take care of it. Obviously that thing isn't being used missing a net pole and all that other crap..the gate is also open to go in and use it but I'd rather ask first and then play rather than play, get kicked out and then ask.
  • Cool, looks like it might just not be in use at the moment rather than abandoned but we should definitely look into finding out who own's it and if we can play there. I think if we offer to clean it up he'd be pretty willing. Looks quite a bit smaller than Downahill though?
  • I think it's not being used, doesn't look like an ideal tennis court but anyways..I'll find out soon. Yeah I think so, but once that moss is gone it looks like could be a good size for 3 on 3.
    EDIT: I was just reading about and it seems a tennis court is quite a standard size to play in, so we're all gravy.
  • image

    Ok. So I found a court that might be pretty good for polo. It's right behind the art school up on the hill. The walls of the court are all closed and quite high and it's pretty much in the centre of town. It's in a backyard of a school and the gates are open for people to use the courts after the school hours. As I was walking past there were some kids playing on the football court right next to it, which is also walled in.

    I'd be up for giving it a shot there on Tuesday if anyone is interested and I'm going to practice there on Monday a bit..if anyone is interested let me know.
    It's on Buccleuch st and Scott St.
    Here's a photo of the other (football) court next to it:
  • Why didn't I think of that place? I used to live round the corner, it's probably ideal for us, only problem for me is if I come in the car I need to pay to park.
  • Well the gate is open from the other end maybe you can just drive in and park in there, but I don't drive in Glasgow so I don't know how tight the laws are here - but the place seems good we should give it a shot.
  • That's looks sweet! You are truely the master of court findage. It actually looks too perfect, there's got to be something wrong!You should post this in the Polo Courts thread though.
  • Yeah, I thought about that..too many polo threads.
  • Ha, that's where I went to school.
    From what I know.. because the school has charitable status, when they were building it to get planning permission, they had to give access to all the children in the surrounding area to play football etc.
    It's only busy during term time from 2.30 to 4 maybe.. and sunday mornings for people going to church.
    @getafix, they lock the gates to cars after a certain time. but there is a lane right across from it which i sometimes used to use for free, and spaces available to the priests in the jesuit centre, which are normally not all in use.
  • Yeah, I'd forgotten about parking in the lane, there are/were often kids playing on the football pitch but it looks like we will be playing on the area beside the pitch so there's room for everyone.
  • Ok. So I walked past the place today again and it was open and empty I think we'd be good to go and give it a try.

    Here's a photo of the other court for those that are unfamiliar with that area.

  • Looks great, I would be up for giving it a go.
  • Oh sweet, so there's actually 3 courts there!
  • It's 2 courts, the other thing is a parking lot. Sorry to deliver the bad news. Heh.
  • Yeah, it's usually pretty quiet there although kids sometimes play football on the pitch. I used to play there occasionally with Finlay when he was about 3.

    The wierdest thing I've done there is go to see an Oompah band, they had set up a marquee and were all wearing lederhosen.
  • [quote]
    The wierdest thing I've done there is go to practice with my Oompah band, we set up a marquee and were all wearing lederhosen.
  • I rode down to Largs today and as I was passing through Lochwinnoch I thought I'd look for the pitch that the Johnstone Wheelers played on, I think I found it and right next to it there are two basketball courts. Anyone up for a daytrip?

    I think the Wheelers now play at Linwood as the Lochwinnoch pitch is/was watelogged. It might be an idea to get in touch with them and see if they are interested in playing us. I don't mind giving grass a go if they don't want to play hardcourt.
  • Yeah I'd be up for giving grass a go if they can lend us bikes (also am happy to lend my bike for them to play HC)
  • So what's the chat about the Dowanhill Primary court then? I hear we're not able to use it anymore.
  • Possible new court

    It's on glasgow green, but it's not the one I showed last time, which was rubbish. Anyone up for checking it out on tuesday? It's not far to cycle to the one near the art school if this ones sucks.

    I figure that there's loads of open fields all around it so there's little reason for the kids to play footie in it anyway, cones suggest it is sometimes in use, and I'm not entirely sure what the surface is.
  • I'm not convinced. I think as close to the tolerant West End, the better.
  • It's hardly the worst part of town and I'v been by it loads of times and never see anyone in it, not full of litter either like Mansfield park. I say It's worth a shot cause the one near the art school isn't exactly great.
  • That looks quite interesting, used to have a workshop near there, in the height of summer there's loads of kid at the play park next to it.
    Was at Victoria park near Jordanhill on Sunday with the dog and there is about three basketball courts that look really good. Not sure if it's council run- sorry don't know how to upload the google map.
  • I've seen that park before it does look good but have seen quite a bit of people there also..I think we just need to make do with what we got and get in contact with the council ASAP..I found some contacts and plan on shooting a few out in the next 2 days. Derek, ask the guy you were talking about previously also if possible. Through the council we should be able to get a place we can play in without hassle but who knows how long that may take..
  • the one at Glasgow green is also right next to the WEST brewery
  • Well, if if it's just a bit damp today I'm sure nobody would be playing there..
  • I've tried calling the council about finding places but got redirected from one number to another 5 times and had no luck.
    If anyone up for it, call this.

    0141 287 4350
    Sport and Fitness Glasgow Council
  • The number the dude gave me about lets is below, they might be able to help us out. I hate phones so if someone else wants to do it then, please do.

  • Do you know what they are for or what it is ?
  • This site has a bit of sports centres in Glasgow, it might be worth calling some of these also.
  • Those numbers I posted are for Glasgow parks department school yard (and possibly other places) letting services.
  • anyone been by notre dame primary school?

    its flat and walled along some sides but the fence along one side may not be up to exacting standards.

  • ^ at the bottom of that fance is a small lip so not a straight run off.
  • That looks rather good! Investigation shall commence, I wonder what the deal is with closed schools and rental, at least there won't be a janny to get in trouble with this one.
  • some of the skool still looked at bit open. the rest was a building site. i needed to climd a tiny fence to get in. beyond the 'court' was the usual site hut type stuff. over to you lot...
  • Good find will check it out over the weekend.
  • did you ever check out notre dame?
  • Yeah, I did. A construction company is there and is already bought out by a developer for flats for something of that sort..there was also a guy in a little blue booth chillin and guarding the whole place.
  • what time was that at? i went by at about 7ish and there was not a sole there. have they put containers down on the surface now?
  • aye security all over it i think
  • yeah. there's a container almost right near the entrance to the court.