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Stronglight 49D
  • Looking for some advice, any suggestions as to what bottom bracket axle I should go for to run a double stronglight 49D chainset on my Scot. I'll be using a 5 speed Regina block at the rear end. I'd prefer to run a modern BB as I love the convenience and smoothness of cartridge BB's.
  • Have a wee look at Spa cycles.

    I went from a caged bearing and cup BB back to loose balls on the Scot, and its plenty smooth, serviced in 10 minutes and costs 2 quid for balls for Mr Gow.

    Does your Scot have a BB grease Nipple?

    (Mine does but I don't use it)
  • Hi thanks for that, although I have the grease port I'm not too fussed to use it, as mentioned I'd prefer to go cartridge my loose balls days are over, greasing my balls and tweaking them with knuckle scrapping spanners is a bit too much hassle. Any suggestions 115 or 117 stronglight or shimano etc?
  • Have a look at Royce, strong light and if you must, Shimano!

    Even I have a 105 rear hub for winter!

    You could just buy a grease gun and get 5 years from a set of balls, but you will have about half a pound of grease in there!
  • borrowed from bob reids page

    "They were commonly called grease nipples but if you pumped grease in either of them you could end up filling the head or seat tube. They were actually oiler ports for injecting oil every year or as required to freshen up the grease! Tecalmit made a lovely wee brass pump just for the purpose... All of the Scots (pre-Campag fancy plastic version) were fitted with a galvanised/tin tube that sat between the bottom bracket cups and located by the nipple just to try and keep the crap from getting in there.

    my dad still has a go when I refer to them as grease nipples
  • Turns out it requires a 117mm BB, got hold of a stronglight sealed bearing one from a French bike shop. Mon dieu! Formidable!