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Dolan Preffisio frame/frameset.
  • I'm looking to start my first road bike build. I'm not on a huge budget and was thinking of starting at the aluminium end of the market.
    I was just wondering if anyone here has had any experience with a Dolan Preffisio frame?
  • We have ten at the velodrome.

    I built a few of em but other than a few minutes on the rollers to test gears I haven't ridden them.

    Pop in if you wanna see one first hand before you buy.
  • Hmmm. Cheers. I might take you up on that offer.

    Anyone else had much experience with them, or Dolan in general?
  • I had a look and the mythos carbon frame with a campag veloce / Miche groupset is only 750 at the moment if its summer roads you are looking at.
  • Hmmm, that is tempting, but for some reason I'm steering away from carbon. I think alu for my first road bike would be sufficient.

    Cheers for the heads up though.
  • I've ridden a dolan pre cursa which is a really nice bike. I think the Mythos might be the same as the original Planet X superlight carbon. If so, it is a very nice frame indeed. I had one and sold it to rusty of these here forums. 750 for a full build, i'd go for it although you can't fit guards and a rack whereas you can to the preffisio, if that is a concern
  • This is still going on... Now I'm thinking I want to save the weight and go for carbon.

    Any good places to start, frames that people have had bad experiences with?

    I quite like the look of the Ribble Pro Evo Carbon.
  • I have a number of bikes and use a Dolan Prefissio frame with Dura Ace components as my electric road / commuting bike.

    Its a solid reliable performer full mudguard clearance with all the proper gear brake rack fittings and so on . The paint is thick and fairly scratch resistant, it handles well , safe and predictable at the higher speeds you get on an assisted bike. It's been used on the velodrome as a pace bike and managed that OK but is a bit short of top speed .

    It's not as nice as my LOOK 586 or the Pinarello X track but overall it can be well recommended for £70 for the frame.

    You can't really go wrong at that price

    My sister in law got a built up one with SRAM Apex and rides with the Deeside Diva's she is very pleased with it for the money.

    Good aluminium is always better than cheap carbon !

    You could buy my Cannondale Six 13 bike if a 54 would fit you, it's really nice.....

    Regards Allister
  • Hi Allister, cheers for the review.

    It does sound like the Dolan is a good place to start then. I'm used to steel, so I'm sure the frame would be a decent upgrade.

    Unfortunately, I need a 50cm or close... I'm only 5' 6" :)