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  • Looking for a 25.8 mm seatpost. Anyone got anything?
  • How long a seatpost are you looking for? Not sure of the diameters, but I've a couple of random ones in the cellar. Pretty sure they're both rather short though.
  • Hmm, vernier caliper says it is 25.6, so you could be in luck (seeing as the calipers are about three times older than I am).

    Short seatpost though, approx. 18cm long. Free to you if you want to give it a try, it's only taking up space in the bike box.
  • Midge does it have the an integrated seat bracket? Sorry I should have stated I was looking for this type
  • Ah, nope. Sorry!

    /back in the box you go, laddy!
  • Cheers anyway mate