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flying scot?
  • what makes these special .this is a gen question ..a guy i know said he had an old one and would sell me it (its legit app)and if i went to see it is theyr anything to identify it apart from the logos
  • They were bespoke bikes, some are great, some are pish. Have a look at bob reids flying scot site for help in identifying them.

    Similar type of thing to a Mercian, some are up with Hobbs of barbican, some are rubbish, mainly as the buyer specced it poorly.

    Worth a lot less without the original forks, which should have the frame number stamped on them.
  • Read this.

    They aren't that special compared to other frames of the age. They are held in high regard here because they are local. ^^^^beaten by FlyinScot.
  • Heh heh, I couldn't link that, I'm on a daft tablet.

    There were plenty back in the day, a lot of the survivors are track frames as they didn't get used as much.

    Mine is 59 years old, I used to have a few, it's what my family raced on, so I continue, I only have one now as they are a PITA as a road bike, makes a good fixie though as there is less stuff to not fit!
  • Like most makes of bikes there's good and not so good ones. Like Getafix says the fact they were built in Glasgow until Dales had them made in England added to their allure. Mind you the English ones built by Dave Yates were excellent. In the 60's I'd say at least 75% of racers in Scotland were using them and most of us thought we'd made it when we finally got one. I'm still using my 1962 Scot to this day mainly as a tow path and winter bike and it's still in great nick. There's lots of examples in the Flickr Flying Scot Bicycle group of some restored and unrestored ones. There's members all over the world that love them. Here's a beauty that's just came in:

    RSP tape AND it's wrapped the wrong way.

    If I liked Scots I'd be appalled!

    Oh and a KMC 'track' chain too, FFS.
  • Aww man that blue Scot is gorgeous!

    RSP tape AND it's wrapped the wrong way.

    If I liked Scots I'd be appalled!

    Oh and a KMC 'track' chain too, FFS.

    just changed a few parts - new lizardskin tape, brampton headset and i've kindly donated my dura-ace cranks to my brother for it

    although the chain is still a kmc but its shiny :D
  • Scots were not born equal.....and most of the restorations are as bad!

    Saving grace on that one is that the daft bits all unbolt, I don't like frame alterations or non original forks.
  • Something lovely about there being one going round the velodrome though.
  • There are quite a few about in track spec, grass track racing was big back in the day and as these were rarely used, there are a lot of survivors.