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For sale/freecycling: old apollo bike
  • This was my commuting bike ages ago, but have not been used for a long time.
    I guess some of you might be interested in changing it into a polo bike?
    size 53cm. The frame, fork and front wheel are okay, everything else are just rusty.


    The price options are : swap for a road front brake/a pint/just go free.
  • ill take it if its still available. buddy of mine got his bike nicked and this would do him till he can afford to replace it. i may have some older road brakes.
  • No probs, but please don't expect anything from it cause it really needs to be done up
  • ill give you a shout tomorrow to arrange things
  • sure, will wait for your pm
  • My bud ordered a new bike over the weekend, so ill pass on taking this so its available for someone else.
  • yup.... ill make it into a communal polo bike! ???
    pm me details.