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Wanted: cycling freebies for a Secret Cycling Santa
  • This year I'm planning a "Secret Cycling Santa" for the cycle commuters in my office - namely those who have continued to struggle into work up until the Wednesday before Christmas as a way of saying thank you (mainly "thank you for making the company realise that there really are a lot of people who use the showers, so don't get rid of them").

    There are about 30 folk that'll still be cycling by then, and I was going to make them up a little box each with some bits and bobs. so far there's a puncture repair kit from the Bike Station (as part of the cycle friendly employer thing), a festive cycling map, some Soreen (unless I eat it all between now and then), and... a bike polo flyer!

    I'm looking for more little things to add - is there anyone who works in the bike-related world that would have any such little things that could be added? When I've emailed people about it I've said that I'll add in any promotional material/flyers that contributors fancy.


  • Try alpine they are usually good for that sort of shizle.
  • Good idea - strangely, it hadn't really occurred to me to email the normal bike shops. I'd contacted the sorts that the company have had some dealings with before, but it would be a good way to get a few more contacts around the place.
  • Good idea, surprised there isn't a ready to go goody bag already out there!
  • Brickman, do you think your work would be up for donating some things/promo stuff for tourney prizes?
  • Got a reply back from Alpine within 10 minutes of emailing them - result! Bottle of chain lube, absolutely awesome. Thanks for the heads-up!
  • I emailed Tunnocks too, to see if they can donate any mallows, haha.
  • Just had an email from Soreen, who are sending me 40 loaves.

    Now I just need Captain Birdseye to get back to me with the 40 fishes and I'll be right in the festive spirit!