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Mucky Riding Weather
  • Now that we are well and truly into mucky riding weather, what's the best lube you would recommend for chains?
    And any tips on how to get a chain properly cleaned?
    Mine always seems to have some sort of grit attached.
  • - wipe the muck off with a rag
    - lube on the inside of the chain only
    - wipe off excess (do this lots)
    - Repeat every time you ride in the wet (could be every day)

    This way the chain never gets too dirty. Use any wet lube but the key is not to leave any excess as it attracts dirt.

  • +1 on cleaning the excess. Especially as the excess ends up transferring from your chain to the other bits of your bike, and you end with a set of gears full of crud.
  • Cheap baby wipes are your friend.
  • FlyinScot said:

    Cheap baby wipes are your friend.

    +1. I also tend to follow this up with a cotton ral with some GT85 sprayed on it...
  • I just soak the wipes in GT85 for the penultimate stage.

    That and just not going out when its manky!

    Full length mudguards and my Al Gow Ambrosio's on for winter from last week anyway.
  • decent teflon spray lube to soak the chain, dry off with wipes/blast of air. Then trickle a tiny amount of something like finish line green, run around the drivechain a bit, then wipe side plates as much as you can and the rollers a little. Run it for a few days, then wipe off excess, rinse, repeat weekly.
  • I apply White lightening liberally and regularly, ensuring that the excess is off. Keeps a clean chain.
  • In terms of other mucky riding weather methods, my years of all-year-round commuting have taught me:

    • put things in plastic bags
    • including your feet sometimes
    • wipe down your bike after each ride - 2 minutes will save you having to replace bits later
    • keep some Swarfega and a rag at your destination points
    • layer up
    • look like a ninja in the mornings if you can
    • sing to yourself while you're going along, it makes the weather much more bearable
    • no-one messes with a singing ninja
  • Do you use the Swarfega on the bike?
  • rusty said:

    I apply White lightening liberally and regularly, ensuring that the excess is off. Keeps a clean chain.

    showing your age?? =))
  • Muddyfox said:

    Do you use the Swarfega on the bike?

    Oh no, certainly not.

    Only the finest Estee Lauder products make contact with the Puch.
  • get mudguards that wrap as far round the wheel as poss. About to build a winter commuter/porteur/SSbasterdbike which will have as much of the wheel enclosed as possible, maybe even a chainguard, hell, the works.
  • Passed last night by someone with brooks messenger bag, rapha jeans, similarly expensive-looking jacket, and about three inches of ineffective mudguard attached to the saddle.

    If you're going to spend that much on gear, why immediately cover it in crap off the roads...?