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Glasgow Bike Monopoly - General Discussion
  • Bike Monopoly - visiting every square on a Monopoly board... by bike. Simple stuff!

    The Glasgow Monopoly board covers a little bit out east to a lotta bit out west. Some south, a bit of north, and an all-round good tour.

    Anyone fancy playing?

    1. take the list and start at go (list below the picture of the board)
    2. roll two dice, work out where you land
    3. take a picture of your bike in that spot, and check it off the list
    4. go to step 1, starting from your last location. If you land on a spot you've already visited, roll again.

    You can record your progress in the game thread, Glasgow Bike Monopoly - Your Roll.

    There isn't any racing element to it - more just a case of being able to say you've done it.

    Glasgow Monopoly


    • 1. Go ->: you start here
    • 2. Botanic Gardens
    • 3. Community Chest:The Herald Building
    • 4. Queens Park
    • 5. Income Tax:French Duncan offices, West George St
    • 6. St. Enoch's underground
    • 7. Richmond St, Strathclyde Uni
    • 8. Chance: - replace with Bonhams, St. Vincent St.
    • 9. Kelvingrove Art Gallery
    • 10. The Lighthouse
    • 11. Just Visiting - come along to bike polo! (and maybe even stay?)
    • 12. Celtic Park
    • 13. Utility:Powergen - now gone, so visit the location of any former Glasgow power station, taken from here?
    • 14. Kelvin Hall International Arena
    • 15. Hampden
    • 16. Queen Street Station
    • 17. Buchanan Galleries, Buchanan St
    • 18. Community Chest:The Sick Kids Foundation - try Yorkhill hospital
    • 19. Orange shop, Byres Road (replace with any mobile phone related thing on Byres Road)
    • 20. Slater's Menswear, Howard St
    • 21. Free parking - make of this one what you will as well
    • 22. Auchentoshan Distillery
    • 23. - pronounced "quick sell"... so count this one as the Barras.
    • 24. Tennent's, Duke St
    • 25. Irn Bru, Gallowgate
    • 26. Buchanan Bus Station
    • 27. The Kings Theatre, Bath St
    • 28. Willow Tea Rooms, Sauchiehall St
    • 29. Utility: Water Works - Stewart Memorial Fountain in Kelvingrove Park
    • 30. Eurasia, St. Vincent St (now The Living Room)
    • 31. Go to jail: any courthouse
    • 32. Yuill and Kyle, West Regent St
    • 33. EBS (Executive Benefit Service), Charing Cross - now located in Lanark, so use the Cameron Memorial Fountain instead
    • 34. Community Chest:Evening Times building
    • 35. Britannia Asset Management, Bothwell St (now Ignis)
    • 36. Central Station
    • 37. - Glasgow Stock Exchange
    • 38. George Square
    • 39. Bank deposit:Bank of Scotland head building, St. Vincent Street
    • 40. The Burrell Collection, Pollok Country Park

    Suggestions welcome for some of the more unusual places (Chance etc.)

    I'd like to be the Scottie dog.
  • Haha, nice one! (Keep getting beat to the bicycle tags).

    I suggest 'Just visiting' means come along to a game of polo :)
  • An excellent idea.

    Is bike monopoly basically just an really played-out alleycat?
  • How should we record this? Keep it on our harddrive until we complete the board, post in this forum place by place, or copy and paste the entire list into a comment here which we then edit in photos for each one? (I think that's be best, but would be disrupted by other comments, so might not work).
  • I really like this idea, not sure how best to record it though? would be good to see how other people are progressing with the challenge, but the thread could get real messy really quick?
  • Would it be possible to make the only comments in this thread your 'checklist'? Discussion to be had in another thread?
  • Could have a new category called Monopoly and everyone could have their own thread e.g. "literallyoverthemoon's Monopoly thread".
  • ^ That'd be a lot of clutter.

    ^^ That's a good idea. I've seen it done elsewhere.
  • So delete all these comments, clarify how to record it in the rules, then if you want to play paste the list and add photos to it. (I think ^^ was pointing at my comment?).

    This is gonna be great. I'm never fast enough for the bike tag, this is similar but makes it less of a race if you're not fussed about winning.
  • which is a good idea rusty?
  • A thread for each person would be good. You could keep this thread for general discussion of the game?

  • Threads would still hit the 'all discussons' page, even in a monopoly category, so I can see how that could begin to clog up the front page.
  • Good point.

    How about this thread for general discussion, and then another thread where you post once and then just edit it each time you want to update your log? Would be hard to track what posts had been edited, so maybe the general discussion thread would allow for posting progress as you make it?

    Glasgow Bike Monopoly - General Discussion (chat about how you're doing, maybe post the pic that you took when you get a new spot)

    Glasgow Bike Monopoly - No Stealing from the Banker (our logs, with all the pictures in one organised place)
  • We should date our finds as we post them to our lists.
  • Will be interesting to see how few "rolls" you'd need. I'll probably write something like "31/10, rolled a 2, landed on The Herald Building". Then another edit once I take a pic.
  • Any thoughts on what happens if you hit Auchentoshan on your first time around the board? It'd be nice to get a bit of momentum going before ending up at the Erskine Bridge.
  • Maybe allow another roll? I had nothing to do last night so got started. How are we going to go about posting?
  • Assuming nobody sees you, I think another roll is probably allowed.
  • Let's just say that one of the dice fell under the table, and it is a bit dark to see if it is a 5 or a 6 so you're best just to roll again.
  • Some weird BBcode thing meant I couldn't get the image embed code to work, had to remove the -> from '1. Go ->: you start here' and it works fine.
  • Hmm, strange. Maybe it doesn't like arrows.
  • Haha, you didn't have to stray far from your new tag did you?
  • Haha, you didn't have to stray far from your new tag did you?

    That would be telling!
  • Got another easy one - Queen St station.

    Not sure what to do for free parking when it comes up.
  • A spot north of Byres Road maybe. Free parking there, no free parking south of Byres Road.
  • when free parking comes up you should go get a pic of your bike on a parking meter, us cyclists always have free parking
  • Free parking -> take bike into a multi-storey car park somewhere?
  • Would you believe that this morning I was thinking "free parking should be a photograph off the top floor of a multi-storey"?

    We could just leave it completely open to interpretation.
  • are you not likely to get kicked out of a multi-storey if you are cycling around?
  • Asked to leave, yes. There's a few with very little security presence around.
  • dbasser said:

    are you not likely to get kicked out of a multi-storey if you are cycling around?

    Not if you're cycling fast enough!
  • I assume it's the done thing to roll once, visit the location, then only roll again after posting the photo?
  • That's the way I'm doing it.

    Otherwise you could roll 50 times, and do most of it in one day.

    Or you could just visit them all in one go without bothering to roll any dice.
  • I'm only rolling once I've been there and then posted the photo. Otherwise it would be like starting a game of real Monopoly and declaring you'd won because, having pre-rolled the dice many times, you'd already bought everything.

    Some lovely pictures in the thread!
  • Ha, landed on Free Parking.

    If this one is open to interpretation then I know where I'm off to.
  • i saw suggestions for power stations in one of the threads somewhere - can't find it now.

    my suggestion for a power station would be whitelee wind farm. it's still active, and a number of us ride out there at various times of the year, so it's no further a trek than erskine bridge.

    additionally, it's the sort of power station which promotes an image aligned with cycling. carbon-free.
  • If we're allowed to re-roll a few times I'd be happy to have that as Whitelee. It had been my original thought, but reckoned it might be a little far out. Though, as you say, not much further than a trip to Auchentoshan. Neither of which are actually Glasgow either!

    Former power stations were here -
  • carbon-free.

    Not if you have a look at any of my bikes.
  • Lots of photographs today - collected a square and a tag within five minutes of each other!
  • Denman - how did you manage to get yourself in the picture? A passer-by?
  • Denman - how did you manage to get yourself in the picture? A passer-by?

    That's my work buddy. I did get sworn at by a guy emerging from the doorway who 'thought I was papping him'
  • I didn't realise the clientele of Slaters were such celebs.

    Nice cycle over to Kelvingrove to collect another square this morning. Ended up getting quite rainy, so took shelter at the front (or back, depending on how you want to call them) doors. Celtic Park next.
  • Updated my roll after three squares collected in quick succession. Next up, Tennent's. Anyone ever been in?
  • And bobby joins the game!

    Onto the Evening Times building. Going to have to wait a few days.
  • Found and using an Android App Board Game Dice Roller to roll on the road, so to speak, simple and works well.

    I just started today and I've a query: do you resume from your last collected place?
  • Nope, although that would make for some interesting rides.

    You can start anywhere you like.
  • OK, I just wondered as I'm at Auchentoshan next.
    It's doable, I'll ponder it over, as you say it would make for some interesting rides.

    Thank you for suggesting the game, added some random fun to a sunny Saturday afternoon for me :-)
  • Yeah roll from one place to another sounds good, was going to make a start this afternoon but it took 90minutes to find some obscure car parts shop in some shithole to the north, then it got cold/dark and couldn't be arsed. mmmmm Chilli!
  • Enjoying seeing the photographs from your game, Jim - I wonder if the guy on the front desk at FrenchDuncan is wondering why every so often someone on a bike stops to take a photograph?
  • Just had to roll 4 times to land on a square that I hadn't been on before.