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Stolen - Bob Jackson track bike
  • Just got back from a few days away and my bike has been stolen from our garage. The bike is a Purple Bob Jackson track bike, chrome rear stays, hplus son rims on gran compe rims, campag crankset, nitto drops, post and stem. Keep an eye out and if you see it for sale report it to the police and flag on this forum.

  • ooft - sorry to hear that. i'll keep my eyes open. that should be fairly easy to spot.
  • That was such a lovely bike back in the day. I'll keep an eye out.
  • It was insured, but obviously that doesn't replace the sentimental value. Think it was an oportunist break-in. Some prick that doesn't appreciate it will have it now.
  • barras market, in the morning. And make all the shops aware so they can nab it if they feel they are able to.
  • Except Cyclesmith in Rutherglen, going by that other thread.
  • Where abouts was it taken from? Westend?
  • It was taken near Canniesburn, north of Anniesland. I went to the Barras this morning but no sign. It would stand out like a sore thumb there - I think this will be a ebay or gumtree job. Friends are keeping a look out too. Who ever ends up on it is going to be pretty obvious to folk in the know. Emailed the factory earlier to get a copy of the frame building serial to pass on to the police.
  • Shame, sounds a beauty.
  • im cyclesmith in rutherglen,ill look out for your bike,and midgemckay,come into my shop i want to speak to you,you have no experience of stolen bikes from me,you came into my shop with a heap of a bike you had bought,i told you the wheel wasnt worth sorting,i sold you a minted bike,which i went outmy way to look out for,why dont you mention this,why would you be so rotten as to mention the bad,and not the good,and as i said before,i dont buy or sell stolen bikes,so if your bike is stolen,email me and if anyone trys to sell me it,i will retreive it for you,look forward to mseeing you midgemckay,and pleas come in and explain,why you are bad mouthing me,when i sold you a lovely retro bike.ah,ah,ah,ah,thats how i feel with all this rubbish about my shop.
  • True - now riding a lovely bike that you had in your shop, and I can't withhold my appreciation for that.

    Having been stung before, where I found someone selling my bike which had been stolen, I've only read what has been written elsewhere. On a small forum like this, people take what is written with more worth than on some massive website. Reading on the other thread that you've had a shed of bikes stolen, you'll appreciate that if you then hear that someone is selling them on then you'd be wary.

    Understandable to feel that way if you genuinely don't deal in such a way, and I'm more than happy to retract if that's the case.
    I've said a lot more good things than bad about Cyclesmith.
  • hi this is the first time ive read this forum,as a friend emailed it to me,as he was shocked,that people thought i deal in stolen bikes,i honestly have never bought a bike,i knew was stolen,im really shocked,as for the gazzelle bike,i bought it off a person i thought i could trust,i was giong to keep it for myself,it was too big ,so i put the frame on ebay,when the guy said it was his,i told him it was in my shop,which i didnt have to do,as for your wheel,i didnt think you would comment on it,as i was so busy,and it would have been cheaper getting you another one,im really sick
  • i saw this bike the other day.... the woman who had it obviously had no clue what she was riding and i couldnt find this thread on my mobile.... she got off the train at partick thats all i can tell ya....
  • clemp3 said:

    i saw this bike the other day.... the woman who had it obviously had no clue what she was riding and i couldnt find this thread on my mobile.... she got off the train at partick thats all i can tell ya....


    I swear I saw some asian student with a white on one a few weeks back in Aryygle street too, though I was very tired, it was very wet and he had a posse so I wasn't in the best position to figure out whether it was or wasn't the bike in question (think it had white forks though that was main reason for leaving be).
  • Yeah I was going to say that it was likely westie. I know him from uni.
  • haha, yeah there you go, perfectly innocent!

    The geezer who turned up at work with a stolen genesis admitted it to police and they've take charged him with handling stolen goods (probably £90 fine taken out of his bloated benefits packet), so at least thats one of them down for a while.