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Glasgow Velodrome General Chat
  • Nice pic of the Dernys.

    Register through, eh? You have to select between "just for fun" and "accreditation". What, won't accreditation be fun too?
  • Nice pic of the Dernys.

    If you think they look nice you want to try riding one!

    What, won't accreditation be fun too?

    It'll be scary and hard work. But a bit fun too.

  • Sure will be. Got myself signed up. A tenner for a lesson, that's a bargain!
  • first two are a tenner, stage 3+4 are £25.

    Filled out the form and I'm waiting to hear back now. Got no cross races for most on November so might as well
  • Signed up as well, "just for fun".
  • Sounds like there would be plenty of on-track cycling even in the first sessions. Would be great to get fully accredited and head down during the free practice sessions. Might even get a night off of being dad!
  • form filled in. should be good for when the weather gets too bad for egg chasing
  • done the form. can't wait to get a shot. Looks like i will be able to use my bike although miby not with my normal tyres.
  • It'll need a thorough clean before being allowed on though. Any grime on the chain and they'll know it's been used on the roads.
  • Aye Shaun I'm not sure its going to be allowed
  • Yup, whole bike and especially greasy/oily points (headset, hubs, bb, chain) will need to be spotless.

    Noone will probably check your geo and bb drop etc but if you clip a pedal and take yourself/the rest of the group out you won't be popular.

    Road clipless pedals and cleats in good condition (this will be checked).

    There was someone on a bike they'd used on the road the other day but it was a blingy ti thing and it was like split new so we had no problem with it.

    Actually, we gave him a rear wheel coz his gearing was too low, you wanna be on around 82" (this is what the hire fleet are on).
  • I have been trying to get info about accreditation etc for disabled cyclists. Your forum has the most helpful info I can find!!

    I'm a handcyclist so to be honest I'm unlikely to be fast enough to use much of the track but it would provide an indoor training venue over the winter. I compete for GB in a Paralympic sport (not cycling) so winter training is really important. I absolutely couldn't and wouldn't want to race - insane to think that could happen with track bikes!!

    Lots of the regular info is irrelevant - my bike has no pedals since its hand-cranked and I don't wear any shoes - just socks! I could put indoor tyres on, ensure bike is clean etc but they don't make special fixed gear track handcycles without brakes! The bike has a single driven wheel at the front and two rear wheels at the back so it's very stable but again stuff like starting and stopping a track bike would be irrelevant.

    I'm just asking if anyone on here has any idea of who I should get in touch with to ask about disabled cycling access, accreditation etc and to see if anyone had any idea if I could expect to encounter obstacles. Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer.
  • Mechanical_vandal might be of help.

    Let us know how you get on though - I imagine that cycling of all forms was considered at some point, so it would be interesting to know if there was scope for handcycles on the track or elsewhere.
  • Hi neurochick, I know there is definitely some kind of plan to cater to disabled cyclists - we have tandems for sight impaired riders - so I'd imagine there's something in place. I'll talk to the coach and let you know what they say.
  • Hi Mechanical Vandal & midge. Thanks so much both for getting back to me. It's much appreciated. If you can find out any info at all that would be awesome. I can't believe how hard it is to find anything at all on accessing the velodrome even for mainstream cyclists. I know that the sport is well used to catering for the visually impaired tandem riders but because most of the handbike racing is TT, crit or road stuff, I've no idea if there is any handbike track use in other velodromes. I just want to be able to train indoors through the winter so Id be happy doing thousands of very dull laps just on the flat!!
  • Any chance we could see a pic of your bike, sounds very interesting!

    Near where I used to live there was a guy (ex amateur competitive roadie) who unfortunatly ended up in a purpose built bike for him, looked a bit like a recumbent and he was sat very low with hand cranks, but in an aero position rather than upright. He must have done 40-50miles a day, 5 days a week (that I saw him) doing reps of a 10mile coastal A road (windy all the time), guy was fit as hell from it.
  • I'd love to see pics as well.
  • Neurochick, I have spoken to the head coach who is going to look into this. He reckoned there might be a possibility of you coming in during accredited drop in sessions to do laps on the apron (and get up onto the track proper if you like too) but wants to check with some people. I'll keep you informed.
  • Got my email in today saying I can officially book into a session!
  • Did you choose for accreditation? I've still got nothing.
  • Yep, choose accreditation.

    email said:


    Thanks for registering to ride the Sir Chris Hoy velodrome at Emirates Arena.

    You can now book an Accreditation session online using the following details:

    • WEBSITE:
    • CARD ID: (id)
    • PIN: (pin)

    If you don’t already have considerable track experience, choose an “Accredit 1” session at a time that suits you. This is a taster session designed to introduce you to track riding – even if its for the very first time. If you are already an accomplished cyclist, this session is still for you – our track coaches will set your learning at an appropriate level.

    If you do already have considerable track riding experience we have set up your booking card to let you sign up for an “Accredit 3” session - our coaches will use this session to assess the next step for you in the accreditation process.

    What To Wear –
    Legs: Cycling or running• shorts are best but track-suit/jogging bottoms would be fine
    Shoes: Trainers, or we• will provide cycling shoes which fit our clipless pedals (If you bring your own they need Look Keo cleats)
    Upper Body: A lightweight• long-sleeved top with a t-shirt underneath is best

    Please turn up 15 minutes before your session start time to allow for getting in to the velodrome and for our track team to set you up with a bike, helmet and shoes.

    We look forward to welcoming you to Emirates Arena. You can find out how to get here on our website at:

  • Session times are:

    Accredit 1:
    Mon 6pm
    Tue 10am
    Tue 6pm
    Wed 5pm
    Thu 8pm
    Sat 11am

    Accredit 2:
    Mon 7pm
    Tue 11am
    Tue 7pm
    Thu 9pm
    Sat noon

    Accredit 3:
    Mon 8pm
    Thu 10am
    Thu 6pm

    Accredit 4:
    Tue 8pm
    From 10am
    Sat 1pm
  • Cool, guess I will have to wait for my email
  • Euan, you a glasgowlife member already?
  • Booked in. November 3rd at 11am.
  • Yeah I am, though recently so I'm not signed up to the online booking yet. There is something funny going on with the form though because by the sounds of it some people who signed up later than me are getting emailed by Glasgow Life/club
  • I'm racing on wed night @ the track league and booked into Accred1 on mon 22 oct @ 6-7
    Plus I bought a wee toy :)
  • Is there viewing arranged for league nights?
  • Just turn up & pay £1.50 spectator entry which gets access to the centre of the track
  • ^^^^ USEFUL.
    Thought that there would likely be spectating for some of the time
  • Guy I know was just told that its closed for a week for track repairs citing an urgent safety issue.
  • euan said:

    Guy I know was just told that its closed for a week for track repairs citing an urgent safety issue.

    Not heard that .....yet....! :(
  • Had it confirmed from more than one person now. Expect a phone call
  • Think it's something to do with lights.

    Don't think it's a week though.

    Bookings for the next few days are being rescheduled.

    That's all I know I'm afraid.
  • Thanks for the information folks. I'm away at the minute with random internet access hence my slow reply! I will try and post a pic when I get back home or find my next wifi stop!!
  • Neurochick, I take it it's the dryness and warmth your after mostly? So a closed, outdoor 1k loop wouldn't be of much interest to you?

    Everyone else, the velodrome isn't about to fall down or anything.

    The lighting rig has been getting worked on.

    Normal service is set to resume on Thursday.
  • Hope it isn't spoiled by the disappearance of the phonebox from the Celtic Park side of the road!
  • Was that what was happening today?
  • Collapsed sewer, took with it an entire phonebox. Police had that whole section of road closed in both directions. They're not sure when it might re-open. Cycling along the rest of that bit of London Road became a bit like when the road collapsed on the north side of the Victoria Bridge and they closed it. No cars, and the entire road to yourself.

    Expect delays!
  • Oh wait, there's no such thing are rush hour delays for a bike.

    Expect to enjoy zipping past many cars!
  • Saw the closure, wondered what the hell was happening.
  • What's the deal with the closed 1k loop dude?
  • What indeed?! Haha.

    There's nothing in place for booking it (yet).

    I'd suggest that if it's for personal use you could probably just crack in.

    If you wanna use it for a crit or something then probably need to hire it.
  • Maybe just to train on
  • I think you can just go for it then.
  • I was on it this morning! It is fantastic. Slight downhill, V at the end has a little bit of banking on it, and then the circly bits at either end are deceptively tight. Smooth as the wee barra's backside. Think I might go into work via the track more often and put in a few laps on the way.
  • Oh, and there's a bundle of entry points to it. No fences or anything. If you're coming in from the London Road end, just cycle around the velodrome to the car park at the back and go down the stairs.
  • Bumped for velodrome booking chat
  • still not heard anything...

    is there a big backlog?
  • Yip, there us high demand.
    Go in person or phone is the best bet....