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All users please note, we will soon be migrating the forum to Microcosm. Please head over to the "Migration to Microcosm" thread for some important information regarding this migration in particular the part about your email address.
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  • Welcome to Glasgow Fixed-Gear & Single-Speed. A forum set-up with the aim of bringing together the Glasgow fixed-gear and single-speed community. You can find a wealth of knowledge and meet new people within these pages but it doesn't stop there. Please come out from behind the computer and get some riding in. Currently our meets include:

    Fixed Beer - 6:00pm - Tuesdays - Check the thread for time and meeting location
    Wednesday Night Polo - 6:00pm - Wednesdays - Check the thread for time and meeting location

    Please feel free to introduce yourself in the Riders' Bikes & Faces thread.
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