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BB woes
  • Fitting new cranks and BB I got from rusty and I can't seem to get the BB fitted. I assumed it was a 68mm english threaded job as listed most places and since the BB that is recommended for the Sugino messenger cranks I removed is the same I assumed that it was matched to my BB shell. However I cannot get threaded removable ring fitted flush and it does no see to want to thread smoothly (paranoid I am going to strip something). Pic shows it as flush as I can get, I am guessing this isn't good enough. Suggestions/thoughts?

  • worry not about wether its flush, is the bottom bracket secured?
  • Seems tight in there
  • Josh is right. There is nothing to worry about. The drive side must be fitted first and must have no visible threads. The non drive side is just to hold the b/b in place (stop it twisting from pedalling force). It is common for threads to be visible. Just make sure the right hand side is fully tightened before trying to tighten the left side and you are sorted.
  • Yeah that's perfectly normal for that kind of BB. Just so long as the drive-side is flush
  • Great, thanks guys
  • I cracked the non-drive-side on mine first time round, thinking that it too had to be flush to the frame - lesson learned.