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RESTRAP 2nd Birthday Race + After Party (Leeds)
  • Restrap is TWO!

    Restrap and Fixed Gear Leeds present the Second Birthday Jam alley cat race and after party on Saturday March 3rd 2012.

    Meet at 1.30 at the Henry Moore Institute ready to race at 2.30. Entry is £5 and includes a free limited edition Restrap t-shirt for every rider.

    The race is followed by track stand and skid competitions with yet more birthday prizes to be won...


    Celebrations will continue into the night at Hukaz from 8pm, with showings of the Restrap video premier, Boikzmoind and To Live and Ride in LA. Oh, and beer.

    Sponsors TBC (there's a lot already pictures soon)

    Get your legs ready, see you all there!

    (For those who fancy coming down for this, I should have a flat in Leeds by then so shout if you need a place to stay! This is gonna be a real good day!)


  • I'll be there
  • Might take you up on your offer Tim
  • I like the poster.
  • Aye Like i said! As many as i can fit will be welcome, I'm sharing a flat with a wee lass called megan whos also an avid cyclist. She'll be at the event too so it really wont be a problem! Be nice to see some Glasgow/Edinburgh (or Scottish) folk down for the event... Yorkshire is very welcoming in general! Get on it!
  • I'll also have some space for visitors (two sofas, one bed and as much floor as you need.) I've also got plenty of inside space for bike parking.

    I'll have to disappear for a while in the evening as I have other plans but I'm hoping to be around for most of the day and whatever mess comes after Hukaz.
  • Think me n Davvy might come down
  • It will be a good turn out!
  • Sponsors confirmed...

    Brothers Cycles frame up for grabs...


  • Not sure if any one has planned to come down or not... But the offer still stands for those needing a place to crash... Me and Nathans (Restrap) lass Meg are moving in to a house about 5 minutes outa leeds on friday... it'll be sleeping bags all round as neither of us are moving in properly until the weekend after but all are welcome!
  • See ya there!