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sending a bike back through ebay??
  • got a bike off ebay listed as black(brand new)but its the wrong colour ,,i ordered black and its brg,,where do i stand on this ??i got it new off ebay and its came fom the phillipines in a box brand new ,,it was meant to b delivered yest and they sent it too the wrong house so i had to drive and collect it myself from the local courier depot ,,now its not right what shall i do ?,iv emailed the seller and told them ,,it even says on their advert so theres no dispute


    where do i stand here ?the bike is built up but iv not even had it out the house yet ,,can they just say tuff ?it was bought through ebay and paid by paypalso there is a paper trail.
    on the positive its a nice looking bike ,,seems btr made than i was expecting for the money (was only 150) ,,and although its listed as 12kilo ,,it doesnt feel like it and i think they have put ia typo in the listing ,,im quite impressed apart from the colour !!!lol
  • What's brg?

    Also, can we seee a picture - it does sound like quite a nice bike.
  • British racing green? Although not what you ordered that's a nice colour. I wouldn't bother trying to send a £150 ebay bike back to the Philippines.
  • correct ,,il post a pic in a min
  • just ride it and pretend its black. too many black bikes out there
  • so what du think??send back or keep ,,it looks ok and as somebody pointed out ,,theres not many brg about (maybe thats cos its shite :))
  • That looks really nice. Is the seller an individual or a shop? (If it's a shop, d'you mind posting a link?)

    The seller is in the Phillipines, so I've no idea whether trading standards etc counts for anything in this instance.

    However, it's in the interests of ebay and paypal to make sure buyers recieve what they have ordered. Wait and see what the seller says when they get back to you. It wouldn't hurt to contact ebay or paypal and ask them where you stand as well.
  • yeah here its here (dunno how to do fancy hyperlink)

    i think u just click on that
  • That looks nice. I'd keep it.

    For all the hassle it'll be (not to mention the cost) it's a nice bike and less common than black.
  • right ,,im just gona keep it now its a lota hassle to return it and now the lights are on its just gona get used ,,cheers for the opinions guys
  • Here's what they sent me , I'm just gona keep it !!! Fuck all that for a tenner

    Dear jamesm5793,

    Hi James,

    This is an unbelievable situation , we have been selling these for a year or so with the same description which does state BLACK , but it turns out they are not black and never have been they are British racing Green which is very dark green .

    Not one single customer has ever complained or mentioned it to us !!!!!!!!

    So really sorry this bike is not made in Black the only colour is the very dark green as you received , naturally if you are not happy with this great value bike in the colour its made in we will get it collected and refund you in full ,

    or if you decide to keep it then we will refund you £10 as a little compensation . If you would like refund please get the bike packed up ready ( in such a way that it will not get scratched )to collect and we will arrange the collection .

    Once again we apologise about this , we just cannot believe no one has mentioned it , assume they must think what a great bike it is for the price .

    Happy New Year

    - bankrupt_bike_parts

    I can't believe nobody has said this before
  • I can't believe they're offering a you a tenner. That's a can of black out Halfords and a Big Mac meal when you're done.
  • haha - what rockplough said.

    that bike looks like a good job at £150. happy riding!
  • Yeah I know , it's fuck all eh !! on the upside ,,im keeping it ,,first impressions are good ,,its very smooth ,,the brakes are good and it is very quiet ,,iv got it on the frewheel side justn now (44*18)and its ideal just now ,,when i get a bit fitter il put it on fixed (44*16)or gear the ss side so im pushing a bigger gear but its plenty for now
  • I can't believe they're offering a you a tenner. That's a can of black out Halfords and a Big Mac meal when you're done.