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Wanted: Donations for Forum Single-Speed Project
  • As some of you will know, I've been looking for someone to help with restoring the forum software as it hasn't been that great since it was upgraded in October. I've found someone who's willing to do it in exchange for a single-speed.

    This is where your generous nature comes in. As far as I know, Don (the guy who's helping out with the forum) is happy to find a frame/bike and would like us to do the conversion. Josh and I are going to build it up and between us we have some of the parts we'll need. The rest we're hoping that you lovely people will donate. If you have anything you'd be willing to give us then put it below.

    If you don't have any parts lying around but would still like to help, you can donate some pennies (though pounds help more) to the forum via Paypal (send to
  • Nice one rusty.
  • I'll be doing the actual wrenching as we don't want don to die
  • Easy now. I'm good at wrenching. Very meticulous in my disassembly and assembly.
  • I'll give a saddle like this but used

    and a brand new KMC 1/8" chain.
    I've got a 170mm driveside only crank arm 130 bcd if you want too.

    Anything you don't manage to get make a list and I'll see what I've got.

  • Great. I'll make a list so people can add to it as the donate things:

    Chain - Getafix (Selle Italia F35)
    Saddle - Getafix (KMC)
    Seatpost - rusty (generic alloy)

    (I'll leave the cranks off for now)
  • I can provide a 170 non drive side crank...

    Handlebars and brake callipers
  • what sort of handlebars?
  • I've got a quill stem too.
  • Joshvegas said:

    I can provide a 170 non drive side crank...

    Handlebars and brake callipers

    Joshvegas said:

    what sort of handlebars?

    Are you talking to yourself?
  • Joshvegas said:

    what sort of handlebars?

    No idea but i would expect it to be drops or risers.
  • I meant

    I can provide handlebars of various types
  • pedals from me. wellgo ones - nothing fancy but fairly new. no toe clips or straps though i'm afraid. I also have cotter pin cranks with a 46t chainring i think. they work ok but don't look too pretty!
  • i can also do brake cable outers
  • i'm spare-partless at the moment but i'll drop some cash into the pot for odds and ends.
  • what about those wheels on ebay that johnny linked? whap on a freewheel job done.
  • i can chuck in handlebars but that's probably it just now
  • i do have quite a nice, black 27.2 seatpost if that helps.
  • also got a cane creek crosstop left hand lever too.
  • Joshvegas said:

    what about those wheels on ebay that johnny linked? whap on a freewheel job done.

    Yes I had thought about suggesting a whipround for those cause wheels are going to be the difficult on to get, I think.
  • Anyone got any do's and dont's or suggestions when looking for frame and forks?
  • Not sure yet. Peugeot's always seem to come up on the bay.
  • just watch the sizes and threading.
  • Yip. Threading is a black hole for me.
  • I'll provide tyres... Either the new 700c x 28 maxxis dominators or if these won't fit, a pair of used 700x23 continental somminorother...(I can't remember!)
  • i have 26.0 charge chrome drops we can use. I also have an ahead stem to fit it... if we go that route.
  • Pretty sure I have a bunch of toe-clips lying about but not much else. If its any use Josh can grab them. Also, any help with putting it together as I'm just up the road.
  • beer and bike building night anyone?
  • Let me know.
  • Joshvegas said:

    beer and bike building night anyone?

    Definitely. I've got a big hall and a large selection of tools so would happily have it here.
  • I'll fix any punctures...

  • i'll drink beer and offer useless advice.
  • i'll ask work to sponsor the event
  • Free blood pressure consultation for every attendee.
  • Is this before or after Mike tries to administer his heroin with a track pump?
  • cross thread humour for the win
  • might have 130 48t ring
  • Some stuff, and a couple of accessories.
    White Charge Bucket (slight non-serious tear on underside from locking to things but sound),
    **SOLD/CASH DONATED**new/unused white SPD-M520s**SOLD/CASH DONATED**,
    black Velosolo riser bar,
    19T cog,
    lightly used 23c skinwall Erilium tyres.
    Apart from the build I have a Cateye EL220 with bracket, a used Magnum/OnGuard Mini-D going spare, and that Giro Stylus helmet (M) in silver which I never use but bought thinking I would (I have a Saros but wrongly anticipated the 'double helmet' fad)....

    Rusty if that's all pish let me know + I'll Paypal you!
  • Also feel free to pm as will pass on stuff for a forum donation towards the build
  • I wondered how long it would be before the forum 'giver' waded in
  • Joshvegas said:

    I wondered how long it would be before the forum 'giver' waded in

    I'm a frustrated minimalist!
  • I have a rather nice Triplex aero 27.2 Seatpost in good condition. The adjustment mechanism is the standard single bolt type.

    I bought it for my current project but the distance between min insert and rails is about 15cm, which is a bit too short for me. I know the Seatpost needed will depend on the frame and rider, but it's there if you want it...
  • Y'all know I have no (decent spare) parts, but if you're desperate, I have a flip-flop rear wheel you can have (badly needs truing). Alex rims dm18 to no-name hi flange hub, via 32 spokes.

    JCrash's wheel suggestion would probably be much better though.
  • How tall is this lad who wants the bike, I may have something if he's a major short arse?
  • in a fit of generosity, i'm willing to donate my dawes once i repaint it.
  • Don's about 5'9". Don't know inside leg yet but I think he need 56cm frame.
  • I'd say a 54cm
  • Aye, you might be right. Said he'd measure up his inside leggage the day.