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  • I'm just starting getting materials together to make some mallets. I've got some suitable handles but am a bit stuck on the mallet end. I've read that polythene tubing works well, about 6" long. The problem for me is sourcing the stuff. Googling plumbing and builders suppliers requires buying the stuff in great lengths.
    How have other people found good sources? I'm keeping my eyes open while riding around for offcuts left on building sites though.


  • pretty sure someone can hook you up, I'v ran out out though. Don't bother buying it you can't get the right stuff anywhere.
  • also there are spare mallets you can play with.
  • Thanks for the offer islipway but I'm in Cardiff and I'd be totally knackered and useless by the time I rode to Glasgow! I'm trying to start up some polo action in Cardiff if anyone knows some people who would be interested? No one playing here at the moment.

    All the best

  • Just look out for roadworks or building sites that are using the stuff and ask nicely.
    Thats how i ended up with 12 foot of the stuff.
  • Hey, I got a few mallet heads cut. I can post them out to you once I'm back in Glasgow mid-January.
  • Hey Gedi, text you the other day but i presume you've gone home/abroad for xmas so you might not have got it?
  • yeah. my phone is out of action here. sorry dude. just PM me or sumfin'.